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We Unite Communities

In 2014 the Urban Farm and Garden Alliance (UFGA) brought together 6 unique community garden plots in the Aurora/St. Anthony and Frogtown Neighborhoods. The Alliance of the six gardens serves to share ideas, resources and co-host educational workshops and summer activities and events through partnerships with other organizations and institutions including Bethel University, Gardening Matters, and AfroEco.

These partnerships and relationships have been important for creating access to parks and healthy nutritious foods for residents in neighborhoods that have suffered the consequences of predatory loans, high levels of unemployment, and a complicated history of Highway 94 severing the historic Rondo neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota.

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Our Gardens

Backyard Box Gardeners

In addition to the six community gardens, the Community Stabilization Project (CSP), a collaborating member, launched a project in 2012 to build backyard food growing boxes, with the goal of increasing resident understanding of nutritious eating, providing a new source of locally-grown fruits and vegetables and supporting increased resident engagement and civic involvement. Contact is Melvin Giles. Second Group – in 2014 33 residents received a “Garden-in-a-Box” kit, participating in a program created by the Minnesota State Horticultural Society to provide a gardening opportunity for low-income families and children to grow their own vegetables. Two UF&GA leaders, Nate Galloway and Melvin Giles serve as the coordinators to identify and coordinate the activities of the gardeners.

Our Blog

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